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Code App

Code is a wallet app that leverages self custodial blockchain technology to deliver a seamless payments experience that is instant, global, and private.

Why Code?

Code is the simplest way to send money or pay for things online. The experience is both simple and elegant, so users get all the benefits of self custodial crypto, without any of the complexity of managing private keys, gas fees, and slow or failed transactions.

For peer to peer payments, users can hand each other Digital Paper Cash, or send it through any messenger. For online payments, users can grab a Receipt that is generated by the Micropayments SDK on behalf of the merchant, and with a simple swipe to pay interaction the payment is made instantly.

Code leverages sophisticated blockchain technology to deliver instant, guaranteed payments where the user pays no fees. In addition to this core observable user experience, Code has a layer of privacy where neither the balance nor the transaction history is publicly visible, ensuring user financial confidentiality. We believe this is a fundamental requirement for a payments experience as users shouldn't have to worry about others being able to see their balance or transaction history.

Code Sequencer

Code is able to deliver this experience because of the Code Sequencer, an L2 we've built on Solana.

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