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The Code SDK is the first and only payments platform that makes it simple for web developers to accept small payments from users anywhere in the world. It is open and permissionless, so you can get started with no sign up and just a few lines of code.

We built the Code SDK after more than a decade of building mainstream consumer experiences and developer platforms and finding that existing payment platforms are incredibly limiting. As a developer you get limited global functionality (ie. large, one way payments), you can only build more innovative experiences country by country , there are a lot of hoops you have to jump through to get started, and after all that you still have to pay high fees. This constrains the experiences you can build, and the people you can build for.

The Code SDK changes this. It provides a set of tools that allows you to embed a "Pay with Code" button in your web experience and charge users as little as 5 cents, unlocking new and exciting experiences not previously possible with other payment platforms. The only cost as a developer is a flat 1 penny fee collected out of each payment to cover blockchain transaction costs.

What is the Code SDK?

The Code SDK is a set of JavaScript packages that allow you to integrate Code into your website or web app. The SDK is available as a set of JavaScript packages on npm, and can be used in both the browser and on the server.

Early Access

The Code SDK is currently in early access, the maximum payment amount is $5 USD.

What is Code?

Code is the mobile wallet app that users make payments with. The experience is both simple and elegant, where users get all the benefits of self custodial crypto (open, global, secure), without any of the complexity (managing private keys, gas fees, and slow or failed transactions). Code is built on the Solana blockchain, and uses the Code Sequencer to deliver a payments experience that is instant, global, and private.

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